We Are Proud of Our LGBTQ History

Unity Churches were early supporters of the LGBTQ community.  We have been welcoming LGBTQ members for decades and whats more,  we put no limits on your opportunity to lead.  Unity in the Heart of Austin has had a LGBTQ minister and currently has an LGBTQ board president.


Unity in the Heart of Austin isn't solely LGBTQ church, so you can expect to see a spectrum of folks in our congregation.  We see the good in everyone and want everyone to develop into the best person they aspire to be.


To read more about Unity and the LGBTQ community follow this link to Unity Worldwide Ministry's LGBTQ resources page.  To learn more about us, we invite you to explore our website, visit us for Sunday services at 11:00 AM, or come to a class or event.  We're saving a seat for you and your friends.


A Small Church with a Big Heart

We are not a megachurch with a minister with helmet-hair.  We are a small church with seating for around a hundred in our sanctuary.  We strive to live up to our core values: Spirit-led, inspiring, loving, joyous and transforming.

We believe God is not "out there," but within each of us.  Each of us is an individual and unique manifestation of the Divine, the eternal essence of God that is our true spiritual nature.


That means we believe we are all inherently good. And that is unqualified.  Unity Heart of Austin is open to all, no matter your past religious affiliation, your age, your race, your sexual orientation, or whether you're single, married, partnered, or whatever.  We welcome you and honor you for who you are.


Our Invitation to You

We invite you to use the anonymity of the Internet to look around our website and if you have time watch one of the over 200 Sunday talk videos here.  That should give you a feel for us and our church.  We wish we could give you more than short clips of music but copyright law prevents that.  But we do have great music from local Austin musicians.  Last week, the guy on the piano had to run to catch a flight because he plays for Gary Pucket.  Our soloist Susan Arbuckle and her band appear all around Austin.


Sermon or Ted Talk

If your idea of a Minister is someone who shakes the rafters with fire and brimstone... that's not us.  Rev. Tony Roebuck (or simply Tony) moved hear from Seattle and gives thoughtful talks with inspiration from the Bible and current Spiritual books that you'd find on Amazon.com.  We think you'll find him relatable and warm.  And you'll find his talks are full of what he calls our homework for the week if not a lifetime.  It's the stuff you can actually use to make your life better.


Join us next Sunday at 11:00 AM.  The service runs about an hour.  Youth Education (our name for Sunday School) is at the same time.  You're welcome to grab a cup a coffee and bring it to your seat in the sanctuary.  And, we hope you'll stay afterwards for refreshments and make some new friends.



We have our Sunday service at Galindo Elementary School just off Ben White Boulevard. The school's address is 3800 South Second Street.  If you park in the front parking lot walk down the right side of the building to enter the cafetorium.  You can also set your GPS for 3709 Birch Street to arrive at the school's side parking lot just outside the cafetorium door.


Got a Question?

Send us an email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible:  contact@unityheartofaustin.com.   If you prefer "snail mail" send a letter to our mailing adress at 3903 S Congress Ave. #42228, Austin TX 78704.