New Thought Books

Here are some of the books that you hear Rev. Roebuck reference in his talks that you can purchase from Amazon with just a click or a tap on the book image. Many are available for Kindle and Amazon Prime. Selecting books shown here earns Unity in the Heart of Austin a percentage of the sales price but doesn't cost you any more. This is a great way to support your church and build your library of Unity Classics!



More Than Books has an amazing array of merchandise for you and for gifts. Need books for school, Amazon has them. Need a new TV, Amazon has them. Need a gift for your grandmother's birthday that you completely forgot about until 10 minutes ago. Amazon's got lots of gift ideas, many of which can be delivered in just 2 days with an Amazon Prime membership. May be your grandmother (or you) would like one of these items from the millions of things Amazon offers.



Why show you these product suggestions? If you select one of the items shown on our website we receive up to 10 times as much from Amazon when you buy it. And besides, these are all great gifts for yourself of someone you love.


Join Amazon Smile - It's Free!

Just type into your browser's address box and log into your Amazon account. You'll be prompted to choose a charity. Just type in "Unity Heart of Austin" and click Search. Confirm you selection and then whenever you shop start at Thanks in advance for giving to Unity in the Heart of Austin in this easy way.