We Want To Share Our Church Home

When we built our church facility we envisioned it as a place where something would be happening every day of the week.  In keeping with that goal we want you to consider our home as a place for you wedding, 12-step group, or non-profit organization's meetings. We offer:



We look forward to talking to you about your needs for single events or for a weekly or monthly series.


Rental Agreement

For events that use the Sanctuary we invite you to fill out the Rental Agreement. Rev. Tony Roebuck and/or the Board of Trustees will review your agreement and promptly notify you of acceptance.


To download the rental agreement, click here.  Return the agreement to the church office in person, by mail, or by email.


Only Need a Classroom?

If you have questions or would like to discuss the use of just one classroom for a class or 12-step program.  Email the office and explain your need and we will get back to you promptly.  Our rates for individual classrooms vary and we do uphold the traditional 12-step program group donation to the host facility policy.


Types of Meetings We Host

Unity in the Heart of Austin is a non-profit organization and to protect our non-profit status we do not hold events of a political nature; nor do we hold events that do not have some relationship to the Spiritual purpose of the church.  By example: a non-profit group that meets to explore the Science of Consciousness is okay; but a rally for a political candidate is not.  A wedding, memorial service or 12-step meeting is okay; but a meeting for a multi-level sales organization is not.


No Alcohol Without Prior Approval

Generally, we have a strict no alcohol on the premises policy.  However, we do make exceptions approved in advance for things like a champain toast at a wedding.  Please discuss your desire to have a toast with Rev. Roebuck.  His decision is final.  Bringing alcohol on the premises without Rev. Roebuck's express permission will result in your security deposit not being returned.