Unity in the Heart of Austin is a "new thought" Spiritual community in Austin Texas.  We strive to be Spirit-led, inspiring, loving, joyous and transforming.  We believe God is not "out there," but within each of us.  Each of us is an individual and unique manifestation of The Christ Within, the eternal essence of God that is our true spiritual nature.


We like to say we are Spiritually Adventuresome and our spiritual "adventure" is to find God in everything and everyone.  That means we welcome people of every spiritual background, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and ability whether married, partnered, or single.  more…


We Invite You To Join Our Adventure

Looking for a church to call home?  Give us a try.  We know that your past church experience may have been negative or just plain boring.  At Unity in the Heart of Austin we provide a positive, informative and uplifting experience, ideas you can use to improve your life, and opportunities to serve in a community that works to make a positive difference in our city and our world.


We also have music that's easy to sing because you already know the words, lots of opportunities to be of service, and a history of loving fellowship.


Sunday Service starts at 10:30 AM and it runs for about an hour.  Youth Education (our name for Sunday School) is at the same time.  Dress is casual.   And, we hope you'll stay afterwards for refreshments and to make some new friends.



We meet in the "Alma" conference room at Casa de Luz Village at 1701 Toomey Road.  That's just off S. Lamar Blvd near Lady Bird Lake. Turn west at the light at Toomey between Riverside Drive and Barton Springs Rd.  Park in the baseball field parking lot across the street.  It's free on Sunday mornings.


Google Map for Casa de Luz Village


The Daily Word


Join Us On Zoom


Be a part of the online congregation for our Sunday service at 10:30 AM and hang around for Coversation Cafe where you can meet and talk with others.  Click the the above button to join.  You can also listen on your phone.  Click here for your local number.  The Meeting ID is 6185483149.


We Are Prosperous!

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YouTube Sunday Service Library

Click the icon above to select from our library of 200 talks, or choose one of these popular videos.

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