Julie and Rev. Tony RoebuckOur Minister

Rev. Tony Roebuck brings new strength and new ideas to our relatively young church and we are thankful to him for joining our adventure. We hope you'll join us and meet him soon.


A Message From Tony

Hello, my name is Rev. Tony Roebuck but you can call me Tony. I became the first fulltime minister hired by Unity in the Heart of Austin on January 4th 2012. I am excited to be a party of a dynamic, growing church and its ministry and I hope to get to know you well. Prior to coming to Austin I was the senior minister of Unity Center of Peace in Washington state and Unity Church in Charlottesville Virginia. I am a native of Arkansas and love being in Austin where my wife Julie and I enjoy the local music scene, the many things to do and the friendly people.


My Vision for Ministry

I express a universal understanding of spirituality that honors the Truth in all religious paths and relate this to the Truth in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. I facilitate and empower a consciousness of wholeness, oneness, abundance, love, transformation and peace in the congregation and through the congregation into the world. My style of ministry emphasizes teaching through stories, humor, music, poetry, media technology, personal example and experience.


Spiritual Counseling

We all have times in our lives when Spiritual Counseling can help us find our path. If you would like to talk to me informally, I'm always available following the Sunday Service, but if you'd like to set an appointment to visit with me in my office. Just click the blue Set an Appointment button. You can schedule an appointment, make a prayer request or send any other message, make a donation, or give me a call via Skype.


Weddings, Memorials and Celebrations

I am available to help you celebrate your marriage or celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed. And if you need a location, our church facilities are also available. Just let me know by clicking the Set an Appointment button and click the envelope to send me a message or the phone icon to call me on Skype. And, below the phone icon you can see my cell number if you want to call with your phone.


Tapping into Wholeness

I have found that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that uses tapping on the meridian oints of the body can be a valuable tool to help release the negative emotions and beliefs about ourselves, and allows us to progress in our lives toward our chosen goals. I'd love to lead you through a "tapping" session and teach you how to use this technique to help yourself. Just let me know if you are interested.