Great Austin Music

Every week Unity in the Heart of Austin features great local talent to lead our music.  Founding member Leeann Atherton is our Resident Soloist. Leeann's talent ranges from Spiritual to soulful to rock. She also records and has been Grammy nominated for her work with children and music."  Come join us and have your Spirit uplifted!


Information and Links for Austin Musicians

Here are short bios and links to the websites for many of the musicians that play at Unity in the Heart of Austin.


  Leeann Atherton came to Austin via Charleston and Nashville.  Her song writing suitcase is full of a seamless blend of twang, soul, gospel and blues.  She put herself though school singing in a beach music dance band.  Recently, Leeann earned a Grammy nomination for her work with children's music. She is a founding member of our Circle. For more about Leeann click here. And if you are ever looking for some Austin-style fun, check out Leeann's Full Moon Barn Dance.

Susan Arbuckle is an Austin native who took to the stage at an early age, and over the years, she's established deep roots in blues and gospel music. Classically trained, Susan has gone on to lead, teach, perform, write and record music. Some of her original tunes have best been described as inspirational blues or "Light Blue." Although, her reach goes well beyond blues and gospel, and she's cultivated a powerful voice that today spans everything from jazz and rock to aria and lullaby. For more about Susan click here.

  Steve Brooks is a writer and performer whose creativity points in many directions. His songs have been recorded by more than a dozen folk and Americana artists, like Slaid Cleaves, Russell Crowe and Albert & Gage. His most recent CD, "Chasing Grace," has been played on more than 70 folk and Americana stations coast-to-coast. In an earlier incarnation on radio, he was a humorist who wrote a song-a-week for Jim Hightower's nationally-syndicated talk show. For more about Steve click here.

Rick Busby In 1998, after spending the better part of his professional career on the business side of the entertainment business, Rick Busby returned to his first loves of song writing and performing. In 2003, he released his debut CD, "Soul Diving," which went on to garner two nominations in the Texas Music Academy's 2004 Texas Music Awards, including a Song of the Year nod for the song "Pray" and a Producer of the Year nomination for Mark Addison. For more about Rick click here.

  Ginger Doss is a singer/songwriter and "proud to be an indie musician." Ginger says, "I love the creative control and purity of producing my own music and managing my own career." We are grateful when Ginger has a break and in her touring and performance schedule and can perform for us. She has a wonderful Spiritual vibe that aligns well with Unity and our Circle. For more about her and her music visit her website.
  George Ensle is a veteran Texas Singer/Songwriter who began his career in Houston in the 60's sharing stages with legends Townes Van Zandt. He pens his own brand of Texas Country Folk Storysongs, powerfully crafted and presented with his unique finger picking style on his 42 year old Martin D-35. He has been called a "song painter," capturing "lifescapes", with storysong portraits of "real people making it in the real world. For more information visit his website.
  Janet and Hamp Janet Drew and Hamp Brockman's original songs make the world a better place. Janet is a seasoned folk singer, having played Texas folk venues for 20 years. She has opened for Steve Seskin, Christine Albert, and Michael McNevin and performed with the band, The Light Travelers. Hamp is an excellent side man, having appeared on Kerrville's main stage with Tom Prasada Rao, and on recordings with Jim Keaveny, Mike Cooper, and Janet Drew. For more information visit their website.
  Kit Holmes is a vocalist and award-winning songwriter who has spent a lifetime working in music.  Kit began her song writing career at the age of 9 with a song about her dog.  She continued to write through high school where she developed her piano skills and love of jazz and theater.  Kit is currently the Music Director for Unity of Wimberley and we really appreciate it when she is able to come play for us. For more about Kit visit her website by clicking here.
  Shawn Madden is a performing songwriter, workshop facilitator and inspired human being. His blog says, "I am profoundly grateful to be so blessed with the privilege and honor of creating, sharing, and facilitating participation in the paradigm shift currently underway in the heart of humanity on planet Earth. Shawn tours all over North America and we look forward to his returns to Austin. Why? Because we like to rock! For more about Shawn click here.

Chris Pfeiffer has a soulful country sound that you can sample on his website.  There you'll also find information about his three CD releases.  He is booked at a new thought community virtually every weekend, and when you hear him you'll know why.  He was a big hit at his performance for us last year, so we are looking forward to having him back often.

  Cindy Pitts is a singer/songwriter, stage and studio vocalist with a beautiful voice, a natural melodic style and poetic lyrics. Her songs reflect many styles including: folk, jazz, country, rock, pop, funk and others.  For more information about Cindy visit her website by clicking here.
  Billy Winston is a member of our congregation and a talented keyboard artist, singer and songwriter. He has won several local song writing and performance contests including Best Jazz Song (2006, 2007 and 2008), Best Instrumental (2008 and 2009), and the Austin Texas Songwriters Group Song Contest. His latest album is titled "Secret In A Song" which is the title track. You can download tracks or the whole album from his CD Baby webpage.
  Hans York - His first American release, Inside Out, established him as a masterful storyteller, multi-instrumentalist and a producer with a deep musical palette. As one writer said, it introduced an artist who was "… delicate, expressive and highly evocative." His next release, Young Amelia, was a natural progression as Hans was lauded for his "sweet, comfy tenor and expressive acoustic guitar work that place him in the upper echelon of music makers." For more information visit his webpage.