Photo Gallery

If a picture says a thousand words then you should learn a lot about us by looking at these pictures us being us. Hover or tap any image in the next four rows to enlarge it.


Us Being Us

We enjoy having fun together. Here are some shots of us at our anniversary celebration, at Thanksgiving, at Christmas time, at our volunteer dinner, and on a campout. We ever we chat there is usually some good food to enjoy too. After year service we have a time of fellowship with coffee and lots of snacks; so much so you may decide to skip lunch!


More food, celebration and friendship.


Service Projects

Be believe in paying it forward. Here are some pictures of us working on service projects in the greater Austin area. In the first row you see images from our work with Hands On Housing. Twice a year we join with other churches, non-profits and local businesses to volunteer to help fix up homes for those who don't have the physical or fiscal ability to do it themselves. Come join us and bring your work clothes!


Here are some shots from the Capital Area Food Bank and Beautify Austin.